Almost There.....

I am far from a health junkie but I enjoy keeping track of my activities. I used to have the tiny fitbit and just keep it in the coin pocket of my jeans to count steps. Once the battery died that all came to and end. Aside from using my phone for biking, I have neglected tracking my activities. That is until I bought the LG Urbane. I enjoy this watch and the built in sensors help me keep track of walking, running and biking. Some would say it's too nice for the last 2 and I'd agree. Walking on the other hand is fine and I have set a 10,000 step daily goal. I have been surpassing 50% of my goal on a daily basis but with an office job it's hard to get all that walking in. Yesterday was close thanks to running errands but hopefully summer will help make that goal one I can reach daily.


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