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Crusin Bumpin

Who remembers the original with Bone Thugs N Harmony? #Classic #Nostalgic

A Night Out

My boy is a national DJ and it's always good listening to the mixes he creates from modern tracks and oldies.

Migo's Origin

(Photo courtesy of

New single called Origin from Migo's upcoming YRN: The Album set to release on July 31st.

Almost There.....

I am far from a health junkie but I enjoy keeping track of my activities. I used to have the tiny fitbit and just keep it in the coin pocket of my jeans to count steps. Once the battery died that all came to and end. Aside from using my phone for biking, I have neglected tracking my activities. That is until I bought the LG Urbane. I enjoy this watch and the built in sensors help me keep track of walking, running and biking. Some would say it's too nice for the last 2 and I'd agree. Walking on the other hand is fine and I have set a 10,000 step daily goal. I have been surpassing 50% of my goal on a daily basis but with an office job it's hard to get all that walking in. Yesterday was close thanks to running errands but hopefully summer will help make that goal one I can reach daily.

Indian Tacos

Here in Denver we are lucky to have such a diverse selection of restaurants. From Asian cuisine to Indian Tacos. Now let's clear that up really quick. I have noticed people assume that Indian Tacos are an Indian dish from India, but they are actually Native American. The taco part is fry bread which is slightly sweet and is the base of the dish. The rest consists of beans, vegetables, chilies, salsas and your choice of protein. The setup is similar to Chipolte where you can pick your base and then add toppings. There are two locations, one in Berkeley Park and the other in Greenwood Village. Next time you are near either stop by and try them out for you self. You won't be disappointed.

Spring Sunset

Wish you were here...

We Gonna Make It......

This album was released in 2001 and had a great sound to it due to the samples that were used. Feel free to check them out at especially for the video below. The LOX and Jadakiss were part of Ruff Ryders back then and the song on the album differentiates from the video below. The video features Eve while the album track did not. I honestly prefer the album version. Nothing against Eve but I feel that it flows better. This song will always be one of my favorites from Jada and every time that I hear it I have to turn the volume up and just vibe out.



In a world where convenience has made privacy all but obsolete.

A Message

Kelela debuted with her 2013 Cut 4 Me mixtape which was categorized into the PBR&B genre which is considered Hipster R&B or Alternative R&B. Either way I am loving her new song and video. The music reminds me of popular 90's R&B and seems very nostalgic and takes me back to that time easily. The production and direction of her latest video "A Message" is amazing to say the least. I love the raw essence then turned animation, all while keeping it minimal. Have a listen and let me know what you think in the comments.

Be sure to check out more from her on Soundcloud.

Iconic Landmark

Above you see silos which happen to be full of corn, which is transported all over the nation. Though many who have seen this everyday of their life have no idea what it is or what purpose it serves. It is just an Iconic Landmark in Commerce City CO. Welcome.

West Coast Funk

To avoid leaks they released a stream of the new K Dot album on several outlets. Check it out!

Personal Meets Custom

I honestly can't remember the last time I liked how much my phone and more specifically my home screen looked. Now just so you know I am someone that is always fiddling and playing with my phone (LG G2). I root, hack, mod and all kinds of other fun things. Run custom ROMs with Nova Launcher and Icon packs and would be considered by some on the Webz as a flashaholic. That being said my phone is ever changing and when I finally stumble across something I deem worthy of a post I have to share. So here we are, post in the making and I'll be listing what I have going on below.  Enjoy! XDABBEBs LG G3 port for the G2
Nova Launcher Pro
Audax Icon Pack
Facets Wallpaper Pack