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Next to it......

It's been awhile since Lupe dropped some heat and I'm definitely feeling this track. What a shame it is to see someone presented with something and if it doesn't fall in line with their views, opinions and what society says they should he doing, they deny it. Brainwashing at its finest.

New Perspective

As of recently I have taken a new yet familiar direction with my taste in music and have returned to the vocals, strings and snares of Indie, Alternative and Punk Rock. It was not a conscious decision but one that I gradually made by listening to a lot of dub-step (Seven Lions) last year and now this year mostly listening to rock. I was assisted by the huge amount that I had at my fingertips with the Google Play All Access Music App and Alt Nation on SiriusXM. With both of the sources feeding my desire to ween myself off of mainstream Rap and underground Hip-Hop it came very easily. Now I will say this; I miss Rap and Hip-Hop but it has been such a relief and pleasure to listen to music from Arcade Fire, Bastille, Catchfish and the Bottle Men, Sleeper Agent, Cage the Elephant and so many more. I would have to say that Rock music definitely has a nostalgic feel to it for me and it puts me in a better mood and mind state than Rap and Hip-Hop. Ignorance and aggression seem at an all tim…

Butterfly Bushes

Spring is here and I cannot wait for my butterfly bushes to bloom and my grass to turn lushes green.

Lack thereof

As I sit here in a room full of people who are only concerned with their magazines and mobile devices I stare at the arrangement of tables and chairs in front of me. There are no gatherings or discussions taking place, besides the random person who speaks out to a stranger to ask why they are here. Where has the compassion to live with the openness to learn from those around you gone? I'm sure people in this rooms have amazing stories to tell. Just a thought!