Nothing Like The 90's

I'm an 80's baby but I was a teen in the 90's and that's the decade that I have some of my most memorable moments and when the sense of Nostalgia really kicks in. Whether it be the Mafia movies (Goodfellas), The Mexican Gangster shit (Blood In Blood Out) or the Black Gangster Movies (Menace 2 Society) the characters, scenes and the soundtracks will always flow through my mind every now and again. often giving me the urge to pop in the blu-ray and watch it, or pull out the CD to listen to it.

For example V was quoting Menace 2 Society for about a week and I finally decided to pull out the blu-ray and watch it. Bringing back memories and those of MC Eiht (A character in the movie) I decided to pull out an old album of his and post a track here for all of you to enjoy. Make sure to check out the movie and his album if you haven't.


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