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Colorado's Own - Tryna Get That

Above is a video of Colorado's very own Nyke Nitti feat. Twizz Loak & Mr. Midas. The track is called Tryna Get That and is produced by Vitamin D with DJ Dirty Sanchez on the turntables. It's off of the recently released Nyke Nitti Mixtape called Puttin' In Work with a Chopped Off & Skrewed Up version by DJ Dirty Sanchez. Be sure to check it out and spread the word!

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Cartoons & Cereal (Unofficial Video)

I just can't seem to get enough of this track!

K. Dot on Cartoons & Cereal

2012 Pueblo, CO. Graffiti

Another year another set of dope Graffiti down in Pueblo Colorado. This time it was a huge set of pieces done by ATT Crew, DF Crew and RTD Crew. This will be the second year that all 3 crews have teamed up to collaborate on such a large scale project. This was the same area as the following year right off of Northern behind Ianne's Italian Restaurant. Haven't tried the food so don't ask but if you are in the area or down for the State Fair be sure to check it out.
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Nothing Like The 90's

I'm an 80's baby but I was a teen in the 90's and that's the decade that I have some of my most memorable moments and when the sense of Nostalgia really kicks in. Whether it be the Mafia movies (Goodfellas), The Mexican Gangster shit (Blood In Blood Out) or the Black Gangster Movies (Menace 2 Society) the characters, scenes and the soundtracks will always flow through my mind every now and again. often giving me the urge to pop in the blu-ray and watch it, or pull out the CD to listen to it.

For example V was quoting Menace 2 Society for about a week and I finally decided to pull out the blu-ray and watch it. Bringing back memories and those of MC Eiht (A character in the movie) I decided to pull out an old album of his and post a track here for all of you to enjoy. Make sure to check out the movie and his album if you haven't.

Desktop Reflection


New Lupe

Another track off of his up and coming Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album.

Comes out September 25th, 2012.


Crystal CG and the Chemical Brothers produced an amazing TRON Legacy inspired video clip, which was used before all bicycle races at the Velodrome for the London Olympics 2012. The digital animation and music by the Chemical Brothers could not have been a better fit.

Watch the clip now here above.

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Aaliyah "Enough Said" (Feat. Drake)

Being such a huge fan of Aaliyah and enjoying Drakes flows I am totally looking forward to this Album. Aaliyah was big while I was growing up, especially being a part of Missy, Magoo and Timbaland. I can remember how big of an impact her death had on the Industry and fans. I'm hoping this Album will be great in every aspect and bring that Nostalgic feeling back.

Here's to looking forward to it!

Crew Love



They say the coolest playas and foulest heart breakers in the world God get’s us back, he makes us have precious little girls.

Channel Orange Tracks

Pyramids has to be one if not my favorite track off of the album, hands down.

Whip Appeal didn't make the album but it is still a great track!

Cop It Now $2.99




Metal Works

I seen this off to the East side of the highway and had to take a picture. There were all kinds of Metal Works in the area. Looks like a place by the name of Swetworks were creating all kinds of sculptures.

...and we're back with another


I have truly become a fan of these videos!


It's finally here! Say hello to Android OS 4.1 aka Jelly Bean.

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LBJ Elite IX Follow Up - Detailed View

Here's a follow up pic to the one I shot yesterday. This one shows off more of the details and gives you a look at the Sole. Love'n Em!

Whistle for a Taxi!!

I tried to hold out, but when the local spot had them I couldn't resist. Love the small changes from the original Lebron 9 design. That's honestly what sold me on these, oh and that blood splatter! :-P

Pueblo Graffiti 2012

Here's 2 shots taken in Pueblo CO. Was only there for the day and graf was scarce. I usually find tons of pieces but maybe next time.

TRON: Uprising

Now this is a cartoon that I can look forward to.



RTD Crew Session

I usually take a trip down to Pueblo CO every summer and while there I usual look for Graffiti. This is what I stumbled upon last year. Looking forward to this years finds.

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Giving Coffee a Break

I've always been a fan of tea but have only enjoyed it on under the weather occasions. Recently while going to the mall I had stopped into a Teavana a few times to see what they had to offer and found myself really liking this tea. After ordering it a few times I decided  to purchase some. Since then I have had a cup or two every day. I'm definitely looking forward to buying some more. By the way the German Rock sugar is a great alternative to sugar.

Passion for Spray Cans


Frozen Chrono


Guilty Pleasure

Miniature snacks can be devoured by the dozens due to their size and offer a wide variety of flavors. From salty to sweet I definitely like having a few boxes of them in the cupboard.

Pries - Catch 22 (Local Love)


Contact High Chopped & Screwed

My Boy Dirty of BOTZ Chopping & Screwing

This is Pries off that No Glue 2 Mixtape.

Cop it here: Download


RaspberryPi (Coming Soon)


Been Gone!

I've been gone for awhile busy with life, but I'm going to get back into the swing of updating Cogations. So be on the lookout!