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Ultimate Cool Characters (Alt Codes)

ALT + ____ = §؟‽¿¡§

What are ALT codes
They are characters and symbols not found on your keyboard, which can be accessed by holding the ALT key and typing a series of numbers.
How To Use These Characters  On web pages
Enter the Name Code or Number Code where you want the character to appear. For combining diacritical marks, enter the Number Code for the desired mark immediately after the character you would like to add it to. 
On Windows
While holding the Alt key, press the numbers of the Alt Code on your computer's numeric keypad. Microsoft Word allows other options: you can type the Character Code and press Alt-X, or you can enter the Shortcut Key. 
On Linux (GNOME)
While holding Ctrl and Shift, press U followed by the Character Code (with or without leading zeroes). On versions of GNOME prior to 2.16 or so, omit the U. This combination works in GTK applications only. 
On Mac OS X 
Enter the Accent Code. For example, "Option + u, o" means hold Option and U at the same tim…



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