Do you have it?

Now I'm a pretty realistic and honest person, so I know that I'm not one of the most influential of beings out there, but should I believe what the new popular social app Klout is telling me?

Klout is a beat program that bases your influence on others off of your social impact. You can allow Klout access to facebook, Google+, Linkedin, twitter and many more social programs and sites. It then uses an algorithm that they say has no room for error to calculate your influence. The question I am posing is if my tweets are protected how is it giving me an actual score. I know that I allowed it access to my account, but I wonder if that poses any interference and inaccuracy in my score.

That matter aside it is an interesting program, with an even more interesting algorithm. Which is why I figured I'd post it here and tell you to give it a once over and be sure to return to share you comments.

Here's the link to my Klout! ILHE1S


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