So the other day while I was running errands I stopped in on a Tesla Exhibit at the mall. I had never heard of Tesla before so I was curious as to what it was. Walking in they had two beautiful roadsters being displayed, one orange and the other cobalt blue . They had touch sensitive flat screens giving informant on the vehicles and others allowing you to customize them. Parts of the vehicle were hanging on the wall, and there was apparel available for purchase. As from all the fan fare the roadsters were intriguing.

I first want to apologize for these mediocre phone pic's.

There were 2 lovely ladies giving details about the cars customizations, design qualities, features and functions. They were very informative and if I had 160,000 to blow I probably would have bought one that day. The whole car being made out of carbon fiber and it being 100% electric was just 2 of many things that made this car a win for me.

Next year year they are set to release a Sedan model at a better price point of 60,000, and more along the lines of my lifestyle.

All in all I thought this was just a cool company with a cool concept and if it matters to you they are made in America. If you would like more information on Tesla check out the links below and if you think they have potential I heard you could buy stock in them.


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