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Has fb Meet Their Match?

If Google can get enough consumers interested In Google+ (Plus) to back it up then it could have a driving force strong enough to make it a contender in the world of Social Sites.

Brenton Duvall - Electro Mixes

Latest tracks by BrentonRules

I happened to stumble across an Electro Mix of Too Short - Blow The Skrilla and was like this is something different and I really liked it. Turns out Brenton Duvall has some great Electro Mixes and here are a few of them.


Orange Particle

And another one! Here we have an Orange Particle bootanimation to add to the Droid Red Particle Bootanimation (Here) and the Spicy Pink Particle one (Here). This baby runs as smooth as the others. The resolution is 480x480 and works well with Evo, Incredible and other hdpi devices. Also if you would like to donate here is the link (Donate)

Thanks to aph and Dysgenic for their work.


Plans are nothing; planning is everything. Eisenhower, Dwight D.

There's An Easier Way

Are you tired of digging through your timeline looking for those luscious and nasty Titty Tuesday (#tittytuesday) and Thong Thursday (#thongthursday) photos to enjoy and share with others? Well boy do I have an app for you. Lightbox Photo made by Lightbox is a great app for doing just that. It gathers photos from your favorite social networking sites, such as facebook, twitter, tumblr and foursquare and puts them in a nice one stop shop. From within the app you can comment on photos, like them and share them. You can also take your own photos apply filters to them and share them as well. An all around great app. Make sure to give it a try.



Words of Advice


Awesome Stunt by HTC

In an awesome attempt to promote some of HTC's new devices, they have filled the Antwerp Central Station in Belgium with their own-branded Android figurines. These aren't Andrew Bell figurines (Here) but none the less they are really cool and I would have loved to have seen this in person and snag one or more of those HTC Andys.

More Images at the Source:

Pusha T - Alone In Vegas

Back again with another hot track. Pusha T has been producing hit after hit and is keeping his name relevant in the game. One of my favorite rappers is about to become more than just mine.


This has to be one of the best songs out right now. It's a Summer heat track for sure and not only is the beat sick the lyrics are mean and that's in a good way if you feel me.


Fist off I want to give props to whomever designed the label for this bottle. The duct tape looks super dope and coincides with the Stur-D name as well as the shiny blue hints of text and funny description. Mad Props! Now moving along, as soon as I took my first swig of this I was like DAMN taste like Koo-laid the kind my boy Clark use to make. Now if you know Clark you know he's a black dude (African American) and you know they make the best Koo-laid hands down. Good ish, although it might be me, but it does seem to have a slight after taste though not a deal breaker.