One of my favorite graffiti crews of all time growing up and even now has to be the DF Crew. DF being an abbreviation for Demented Freaks! This crew consists of East, Emit, Scribe and many others. A few years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting all 3 of them at an Art show held at The 400. All 3 of them were good people and I would love to meet them and buy from them again. Now not trying to pick favorites or anything but Emit and Scribe have to be my favorite. While at the show I got a couple of books, one being DF Parade Of Freaks and the other being There's An Octopus Under My Bed by Scribe (Link). I also bought a few of scribes piece's and would have bought some of Emits but he barely brought any to the show. All in all they are great artists but this post is going straight out to Scribe. Keep up the good work man and I love the Rhino "Rumpus" and the rest of the characters.

You can find Scribes work at the link below.



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