Kaws XX

Back in the day Kaws was one of my favorite Graff Artists and I always looked for his work in the Mags. It wasn't until 2005 that I ran into his work again, but this time it was on the net and different from what I was use to. Kaws is still an Artist but not so much Graffiti these days. Don't get me wrong it is there like in the sponge bob image pictured above but he has moved on to more figurines and clothing. To me he is still awesome and full of talent, but has become a little to much mainstream for my taste. I want to make sure and say I'm not knocking his hustle and go and do your thang and all but the nostalgic that I mentioned yesterday that surrounds Revoke1 still doesn't reside with me when it comes to Kaws. It's more of a I like what he is currently doing but I loved what he use to do.

Enough with my opinion. Hit the link below to check of Kaws' site.



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