Go All Out!

So I've been running CyanogenMod 7 final build for quite awhile now, and to be exact from the day it was released. I have ran Red Remix theme by UpwardSpiral since RC2 and have loved it from the beginning. I found other themes lacking in several areas and I have nothing against the other theme developers, but with the addition of T-Mobile Theme Chooser (No relation to the carrier) I thought that more of them would be putting a lot more into their themes since they have become slightly easier to compile into an apk.

What I am running into is themes that are not deeply rooted into the ROMS and device. Some themes lack coloring the simplest and most popular icons or the little things that I find really important and necessary to do. Red Remix fills all of those needs of mine by doing an excellent job of making sure his themes reach the very depths and limits of your ROM and device. He even has WallPaper packs to go along with his themes. Along with UpwardSpiral others have helped his Themes to go and reach other parts of ROMs not accessible via the Theme Chooser. Dont Panic had created ZIPs for MetaMorph which theme the lockscreen icons, sliders/rotary, unlock pattern, and volume. He also has one that themes the contacts and so much more. I say if you are going to theme your device don't settle, go for it all the way. All or nothing is my motto. Be sure to check out work by everyone named above and spread the word.


Dont Panic 

RedRemix Theme

RedRemix Addons


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