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DMC Battle Grounds

Location and Info:

Saturday, Apr 30 7:00p
at Casselmans Bar and Venue, Denver, CO
Showcase by DJ Rob Swift * Performances by Mane Rok & Deejay Tense, Boombox Saints
B-Boy & MC Battle

Free Revok1

Revok1 of Seventh Letter and (MSK) Mad Society Kings was arrested as he prepared to board a plane to Ireland at Los Angeles International Airport, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reported.

Daily Dose Of Android

A follow up to the Red Particle bootanimation and a nice addition is the Red Particle Splash Screen image. A link to to file is below along with instructions.

Broncos Wallpaper by CyberWarrior

First of all I would like to give a big thanks to CyberWarrior for all of his hard work and dedication to making sure everyone get's what they request.

Awhile back some others and I requested a Broncos WP by CW and here it is. Enjoy and be sure to check out his gallery for other teams and cool wallpapers.


Go All Out!

So I've been running CyanogenMod 7 final build for quite awhile now, and to be exact from the day it was released. I have ran Red Remix theme by UpwardSpiral since RC2 and have loved it from the beginning. I found other themes lacking in several areas and I have nothing against the other theme developers, but with the addition of T-Mobile Theme Chooser (No relation to the carrier) I thought that more of them would be putting a lot more into their themes since they have become slightly easier to compile into an apk.

Tron Splash Screen

Check out my new Tron Splash Screen. If you would like one with your name or just Android, drop me a line in the comments and I will see what I can do.

One Word "SWEET!"

This week Scion unveiled their new rear-wheel drive FR-S (Front-engine, rear-wheel drive, sport) Concept sports coupe. With aggressive styling and a low stance, the car is inspired by the Toyota AE86 Corolla and features a 2.0-liter engine with exceptionally balanced performance, handling and MPG. The Concept also features a six-speed manual or automatic transmission, LED lights, four-piston-caliper front brakes that clamp down on 18-inch carbon ceramic rotors, attached to 20-inch wheels. Looks like fun.
Many more images and a video follow after the click.

Video after the jump.

Stussy x Marvel

Being the huge fan of Marvel that I am, when I seen this collaboration between Stussy and Marvel I immediately was like boom - copped.

Don't Call It A Comeback

Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise - Free Music Videos - Top Songs

Old, white rappers killing it with a star studded cast. The Beastie Boys are back. Yes, yes.


Made Men - Video

Made Men - Rick Ross featuring Drake is off of his Ashes To Ashes Mixtape. Check it out, there's way more heat on there too.


Tasty Hole

Like usual this morning I was watching Fox news and seen good ole Dan Daru was at this tasty doughnut shop. I planned on stoppping at Starbucks this morning but figured I'd go out of my way to try this place. So I made a short detour and headed to the Hole.

The Android Explosion

Head on over to Wired to read this note worthy article.


Junior Mints

One of my all time favorite candies gots to be junior mints. A delicious snack known for its movie theater presence has found it's way to my offices vending machine. Cavities here I come!

Is The Check-In Dead?

the localmind blog

Above is a link to the LocalMind blog where they discuss, is the check-in dead and I would have to say Hell No! That's my personal opinion and all but with foursquare, gowalla, facebook places, Google and plenty more I don't see the development ceasing. Along with Google pushing for NFC to be a major player in the mobile game I plan to see geo-location morph and explode. If you're not up on this what is wrong with you? Now get to it!


One of my favorite graffiti crews of all time growing up and even now has to be the DF Crew. DF being an abbreviation for Demented Freaks! This crew consists of East, Emit, Scribe and many others. A few years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting all 3 of them at an Art show held at The 400. All 3 of them were good people and I would love to meet them and buy from them again. Now not trying to pick favorites or anything but Emit and Scribe have to be my favorite. While at the show I got a couple of books, one being DF Parade Of Freaks and the other being There's An Octopus Under My Bed by Scribe (Link). I also bought a few of scribes piece's and would have bought some of Emits but he barely brought any to the show. All in all they are great artists but this post is going straight out to Scribe. Keep up the good work man and I love the Rhino "Rumpus" and the rest of the characters.

You can find Scribes work at the link below.


Tick Toc

limited edition of 500 numbered pieces
Picture above is the Hublot F1 King Power Ceramic.  An ideal watchmaking material, ceramic is 30% lighter than steel, 100% anti-allergenic, 100% unalterable and 100% rust-proof.  Readers new to the Hublot F1 series should also take note of the “brake caliper” style bezel, the F1-styled chronograph pushers, and the strap which is comprised of two layers stitched together with red thread; the inner made from natural black rubber and the outer made from Nomex, a synthetic fibre developed by Dupont De Nemours that is also used to make the flame-retardant overalls worn by racing driver.


Phone Numbers

Straight off the Cabin Fever Mixtape is Phone Numbers featuring Wiz Khalifa, Trae Tha Truth and Big Sean. This track has been gaining a lot of momentum lately so I figured I would guide all of you in the right direction.

Jersey Joe

I recently ran into the above image this week at another site and took a keen to it. What I thought was more of a coincidence is that my boy Lino has been reading my recent Graffiti posts and suggested I check out Jersey Joe. Let's √ that one off the list.

Kaws XX

Back in the day Kaws was one of my favorite Graff Artists and I always looked for his work in the Mags. It wasn't until 2005 that I ran into his work again, but this time it was on the net and different from what I was use to. Kaws is still an Artist but not so much Graffiti these days. Don't get me wrong it is there like in the sponge bob image pictured above but he has moved on to more figurines and clothing. To me he is still awesome and full of talent, but has become a little to much mainstream for my taste. I want to make sure and say I'm not knocking his hustle and go and do your thang and all but the nostalgic that I mentioned yesterday that surrounds Revoke1 still doesn't reside with me when it comes to Kaws. It's more of a I like what he is currently doing but I loved what he use to do.

Enough with my opinion. Hit the link below to check of Kaws' site.


Classic Graffiti Artist

I've been a huge fan of Revok since I was a teen and Graffiti Mags were the Norm. Now days I still got love for the dude, especially coming from a nostalgic sense. Keep up the good work!

Be Sure 2 Check Out My Mans Site:


Tokimonsta - The World Is Ours

The beat in itself is as fresh and crisp as cool mountain air.

Big Ups Brandon!

KP - Need I Say More


Summa Time Kicks

These Lebron VIII(8) Sprite Lows are fresh. As I've gotten older I've turned away from the loud color kicks but these joints right here are just too nice. I would rather have a pair of XMAS joints but I'll gladly cop and rock these.

Verizon Please!!

I would love to have this same exact phone on VZW with a 4G radio in it! Keeping my fingers crossed!

I Keep A Pocket Full Of These.....


All Of The Lights

One of the best songs off of the Album. Too bad they didn't have everyone who was on it, in the video.

Honeycomb Bootanimation

Here are 3 out of 8 Honeycomb bootanimations made by ahavens17 of the xda community. If you would like to trick out your device with one of these wicked bootanimations click on the link below and make sure to give thanks.



As soon as I came across this game I instantly fell in love with the outstanding graphics and great game play on my HTC Incredible. It has become one of my favorite games as of recently and is one I always play to pass the time. It isn't really a quick in and out game since it really pulls you in because it is so fun, entertaining and enjoyable, which really doesn't bother me personally although I know there are a lot of people out there that love those quick games.

Vodafone - The Evolution of Mobile

I had the Nokia and kicked ass at Snake plus I've always been a fan of HTC!

2,564 FPS (Frames Per Second)

Tokyo Exclusive Jordan V

Straight up being honest Jordan's are played out to me and I hardly ever pay them any mind these day's, but every now and again a pair like this comes out! Straight Fiyah!

Music Video: Wiz Khalifa ft. Chevy Woods – Taylor Gang

Enuf Said.....Banga!

Fresh Friday

I definitely have to give credit to Lanvin for their outstanding sneakers time and time again. I feel that they make the best sneakers by a luxury brand when compared to Louboutin and Vuitton who might I add make excellent sneakers as well. Keep up the good work Lanvin.

Let's Go!

DJ Dirty Sanchez "Aston Martin Music"

This song has been heat since day one. As soon as I bought the album it became one of the songs that I played the most. One day while listening to it, I hit up my boy DJ Dirty Sanchez and told him he should make a Chopped and Screwed version and we left it at that. Next thing I know I get the above sound clip and it's a Banger! A master of his craft putting in work. Well enough with the chit chat.


600 Benz

Straight Fiyah off of the new MMG Compilation titled Self Made Volume 1 is "600 Benz" featuring Wale Folarin, Ricky Rozay and Jada Muah!


I Got A Hard On For This.....

The Cosworth Impreza STI CS400 is a car Cosworth said would “humble” supercars. The 395-horsepower, 398 foot pounds of torque is capable thorough the rework of its boxer-engine. The details of that consist of new pistons, con-rods, turbocharger, exhaust and ECU mapping. The original suspension has been pulled out and replaced with components by Bilstein and Eibach. Only 75 of these will be produced and made available to the UK.

Tron Legacy

And here we are. Tonight I will be enjoying this and back tomorrow with my review.

New Music Tuesday

Alright first off I know this Album came out last Tuesday but I thought I would reflect on the fact that it is a great Album. I've been a fan of Wiz Khalifa since I first heard "Say Yeah". Shit it was my longest running ringtone ever. He consistently dropped mixtape after mixtape and they all were excellent. Usually when this success from mixtapes occurs and the artist is making the transition to a studio album many fear will he be able to make the same impact, and I have to say yes he did. Great album, great content and he stays the same. Not in the instance that it's a bad thing but that you know what to expect from him. Good Music sums it up. If you haven't bought or checked it out hit the links below.



Particle Red Bootanimation

I took aph's bootanimation from here and made a red one. The resolution is 480x480 and works well with Evo, Incredible and other hdpi devices. Also if you would like to donate here is the link (Donate)


Download from Here

Daily Dose Of Android

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