Die Cast Toys

Being a fan of toys (which man isn't or woman for that matter) I see many different kinds from action figures to hot wheels. One thing as I have learned to love and appreciate as I have gotten older is quality. Quality can be found in anything if you are willing to pay the extra for it, even toys which I find quite worth it. Awhile back I made my way into a Disney store which I might add have become scarce, and did my normal browsing. Now I know the Disney store is known for it's over priced items to be found at less pricey places such as Walmart and Target, but they also have some items only to be found there. While there I happened to come across these die cast Cars toys which are outstanding. They are heavy, durable and quality made. I have become a fan of them and grab some every now and then. Check them out if interested. Oh by the way they totally remind me of the old school classic hot wheels. Nostalgic some might say.


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