Air Jordan XIII Playoffs

The year was 1998 and He Got Game (The Movie) had just came out, and Master P and his No Limit Soldiers were all the Hype in the rap game. Being a teenager at this time my pockets were thin especially when you had a budget called an allowance. Now I can remember the first time I laid eyes on these shoes and instantly fell in love. Growing up everyone around me had Jordan's but I have never been one to follow the trends, but once I seen these bad boys I had to have a pair. As the years went on I had almost forgot about them that was until 2003. I was in a Nike Town and seen the flints, tan and maroon one's and was not that interested in those colorways but seeing them did reignite my love for them. A few more years went by and I started collecting kicks and became somewhat of a minor in the Sneaker Head Game. Determined the next time these bad boys came around I would purchase them. Colorway after colorway was retro'ed and I kept waiting for that colorway to be released that didn't have a million other's rocking them and over half of them being fake. Then finally I seen that the Playoff XII was being retro'ed and was like that's the one. So I am proud to say after over a decade I finally have a pair of XII's. Now I will say this, quality isn't what it use to be especially with the Jordan Brand and other's but the Nostalgic that this shoe holds definitely made it a worth while buy to me. It has it's flaws but like I said above it was definitely worth the time and money.


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