MIUI ROM Makes Me Hate Iphone A Little Less

So I have finally gave into the fact that I am a Flash-a-holic. I have been wandering around the XDA forums lately looking for my next ROM consumption. A Chinese ROM that came out awhile ago has been getting a lot of attention and love lately, which happened to catch my attention. When I first seen the ROM I was turned off by its iphone look and feel, but with all the great development going in to it I changed my mind and flashed. It is an AOSP ROM and so far I love the clean look of it, icons, folders, menu list and so much more. What I totally hate is how there is no App Drawer what so ever and how the screens are laid out and populated by Apps just like the dreadful iphone. With that being said I like the ROM and its feature so far and will give it awhile to see if it grows on me, becomes my daily driver or completely irritates me. We shall see, especially since the MIUI Inc Dev Team is updating the ROM at least once a week. If you are interested in the ROM check out the link XDA-MIUI.

Update: Less than 24 hours and I flashed back to my modded Stock ROM. Kept getting force closes, troubleshooted and jumped ship.


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