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Lebron 8 V2 Cool Grey


Pulled the trigger and got these... 

I've always been a fan of Lebron and became a fan of his sneakers with the release of the Lebron 3. Over the years his sneaker have had their ups and downs, highs and lows, but as of recently his sneakers have been straight fiyah! Starting with the six and continuing with the 8, there has been colorway after colorway of greatness. Especially since the 8 has the multiple releases including the original and now V2 and V3. The original and V2 have really caught my eye and the one above is one I'm looking forward to copping, that is if I can get over the toe box design. So a trip to Nike Town will be made and purchase deemed if I decide otherwise.

Basic Beauty

I've decided to add a section (label) called Basic Beauty. This section will most likely be focused around Architecture, Design or Engineering of some sort. Usually and most likely it will be Art, Sculptures or like the picture above a twist to your average hallway light. It amazes me how many of these types of art or visual twists go unrecognized everyday. Here in downtown Denver and the surrounding areas we are bombarded with Art, from sculptures to graffiti and so much more. Graffiti being one of my favorite forms of art will definitely be making many appearances in the Basic Beauty section. Enjoy!

Higher Learning Tour

Totally looking forward to this! Hit the jump to check your Cities date. (Link)

Screen Shot W/ COWON D3 Red Clock

This has to be one of the hottest clocks out right now in the Android community. Check in out on XDA and don't worry it comes in every color under the sun. (Link)

BOTZ - DJ Dirty Sanchez

Figured I would dedicate this post to my boy DJ Dirty S and what he has been doing lately on the inter webs with his BOTZ video sessions. A little background on him: Native to Denver Colorado, Turntablist, Producer, Beat Maker and the list goes on. He works with locals and people all over the nation, collaborating on great projects or going at it alone, he always does his thing and does it well. Enough with the bullshit. Check him out on YouTube, facebook, myspace, twitter and Here)

Fresh Out The Kitchen Oven CM7

Well the wait is over andCyanogenMod 7 for Incredible:: V7.0.0-RC1 (Gingerbread 2.3) has been released. If you follow Cyanogenmod or Team Douche development you know the number 1 rule is never ask for an ETA. This ROM has been in the works since the AOSP Gingerbread 2.3 code and SDK was released and is finally out of nightly builds. If you are familiar with CM ROMs you know they are AOSP based, stable and one of the most popular ROMs out there. If you are a Flash-a-holic like me get to it and enjoy. FYI other devices are supported, so check the link for a full list and instructions. CyanogenMod 7 for Incredible

MIUI ROM Makes Me Hate Iphone A Little Less

So I have finally gave into the fact that I am a Flash-a-holic. I have been wandering around the XDA forums lately looking for my next ROM consumption. A Chinese ROM that came out awhile ago has been getting a lot of attention and love lately, which happened to catch my attention. When I first seen the ROM I was turned off by its iphone look and feel, but with all the great development going in to it I changed my mind and flashed. It is an AOSP ROM and so far I love the clean look of it, icons, folders, menu list and so much more. What I totally hate is how there is no App Drawer what so ever and how the screens are laid out and populated by Apps just like the dreadful iphone. With that being said I like the ROM and its feature so far and will give it awhile to see if it grows on me, becomes my daily driver or completely irritates me. We shall see, especially since the MIUI Inc Dev Team is updating the ROM at least once a week. If you are interested in the ROM check out the link XDA-M…

HTC Booth and Event @ MWC 2011

It looks as if HTC's setup and ready to go at MWC 2011. There booth is looking quite awesome with Android figurines holding platters of some sort. I'm hoping tonight at their event they release/announce some awesome devices. (Finger's Crossed)

MWC 2011 and What I Hope To Come From It (HTC)

Well Mobile World Congress 2011 is off to a start and the new devices are being unveiled at an alarming and overwhelming rate. So far it has been Sony and Samsung to kick off the event.